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A big “Hap to You” to Miss Bella who is 4 today. She had a lovely 4 layer cake – way to go Ros – I do hope someone had a piece for me :).

I decided I felt like cake. Not only was it Bella’s birthday, but it was a cake sort of day ( but not vaguely lemony). When I got home from work I decided that I needed to make cake and some fresh pasta for dinner.

I cheated a little on the cake – I had a fudge brownie mix that I used and cooked it in mini loaf tins. It only made 5 mini loaves – but they taste good :). Then I worked on the pasta. The dough looked great – I kneaded it then let it sit, then it got to the pasta machine. The first stage was ok, but do you think I could get the stupid dough through the narrow spaghetti cutter. Ahh no. It kept clagging up, what was more annoying was that it clagged up the fettucine cutter too. Obviously I needed to flour the dough – gah! Anyway I reworked the dough, floured it properly and used the clean slightly wider spaghetti cutter. Success – at last, finally.

I also made some apple cinnamon breakfast muffins – they’re not too bad if I do say so myself.

So it was a cooking sort of night which I am happy I did – even if I did feel like tossing the pasta dough out the window at one point.

We’ve just been through Songkran here. I’ll find the work celebration photos and post them later this week.


Welcome to my kitchen!

We have a fridge, 2 sinks, a microwave, a rice cooker, a toaster and an urn.  Oh yes and some plates and cups and a wok ( and some various utensils and possibly another small pan).  Not too bad actually.  Wait I forgot the gas stove.  Here have a look:

And here’s a view of all the kitchen:

Does anyone notice anything missing? Yes no oven – well apart from the microwave.  So it’s a new challenge – to cook without the oven- and not miss it *grin*.

Oh look proof that I actually did the dishes *grin* – yes that is them draining next to the sink!  As you can see I have actually cooked here – and it was a fairly tasty meal.  Of course I do have a list for when I go shopping at the big Tesco (that’s how it was described to me) next weekend.  I do wish I’d packed some Tupperware.  I am missing containers with lids!

You can’t really tell from the picture, but the bench height is around about the top of my leg – so a little on the short side *grin*.  It would suit some people I now *smirk*.

Work is going well- I now have a computer and have started doing some actual work – not just reading about the geology which while interesting and something I need to know, seems to bounce off my brain after a while and does not sink in.

I got new safety gear today – all ready for my mine site induction on Wednesday – apparently it only takes a couple of hours *grin*. Anyway after that I’ll be able to visit the drill rigs on site and see what is going on.

OK well I’m off to bed – it’s only a 10.5 hour work day here, but I’m exhausted.  Which is funny because all I’m doing is sitting all day in an airconditioned office – I wonder what I’ll be like after a day touring all the rigs that are drilling *grin*.

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