Post from Hong Kong

Dear Bazza et al,
Lenore here.
I thought you would like an independent report on the welfare and status of the eldest
fruit of your loins.

Happy hour here in the SipSip bar of the hotel, although I call it the Pee Pee bar – eternal happy hour – you work it out!

Today we went to Hong Kong Disney. (now I have the hiccups – too much gin!)
Any how, my train of thought isn’t what it used to be (before HappyHour) oops.
here’s Fiona…

So, walking to the station, Disneyland, walking, more walking, eating, buying.
Oh for God’s sake, that woman is light on the detail!

Firstly, it has been more than wonderful to see Fiona in the flesh. We manage to communicate almost every day through Skype, but to see her and speak , and shop and laugh together has been wonderful. It has absolutely affirmed to me how much Fiona means to me as a friend and pseudo sister. Pseudo is better than real given how many sisters I actually have!

We went to Disney land today and it has been a huge day! This is my second time at Disney . The first one was in calfornia long before the one in hong ever happened. And I can assure you Bazza that it is something I so will not do a third time!

But is was fun to take the children, and I do include Fiona in that group.

Thank you Lenore – really. More another day.


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