I remember Sundays when I could sleep past 7.30am – I miss them.

Thailand is a country where people work every day – not saying people don’t have days off – just that the western concept of the weekend really doesn’t hold here. So come Sunday morning if you happen to be still asleep at about 7.30am on my street, you will most likely be awakened by the man on his motorbike that sweeps up the street at about that time. He beeps the horn and calls out something that I don’t understand – but there you go – you’re awake. Oh well it could be worse – I could still be working FIFO and have to work every second weekend getting up at 4.45am. OK I feel better now *grin*


Of course I also remember my growing up Sundays. They often involved some sort of event at softball be it a weekend carnival during the summer season or playing in at Falkner Park during the winter season (which was cold, muddy and great fun). But the thing that stands out the most is Disneyland – hmmm and “cleaning the house”. Disneyland comes to mind first, but to get to that point, the house HAD to be cleaned up. It was a family affair that tended to start as soon as everyone was up and sort of extended across the day depending on how much we kids could hide, procrastinate or come up with great excuses – like homework *grin*. Disneyland used to be on at 6.30pm on a Sunday and when I was in primary school we all looked forward to watching it. I remember it as a time when we all sat down and had dinner in front of the tv and watched Disneyland as a family – good times *grin*.


So enough about Sundays – it was fun remembering though………


A couple of months ago I travelled up to Chiang Mai for a long weekend. I went up to meet with Wendy and Nathan – it was so lovely to see some friends. I had a great time. I drove up from Taphan Hin – a lovely 6 hour drive with some really revolting road and some not so bad *grin*. I managed to miss the turn I wanted to take off the main highway and ended up travelling the ring road around Chiang Mai until I was on the opposite side of the city to where I wanted to be. I did make it to the guesthouse so it’s all ok.

We went and saw the tigers (yes I do still have the photo cds – I promise to send them soon Miss W); visited San Kampaeng and Bo Sang (where we went to a silk factory); walked all over the Sunday Market and visited Wat Umong. I managed to remember my camera that day – I think Nathan is looking at the chickens.

One of the highlights of the visit was going to a Thai cookery class. We were picked up at 9am and taken through Chiang Mai to pick up the rest of our fellow cooks. Then we were taken to a market and shown most of the ingredients we would be using – a bit like an introduction to herbs and spices Thai style – and what they look like when you go to the market and can’t speak Thai. It was really quite interesting and I am thankful that I did NOT taste the raw chilli.

We went to a house up in the hills and started our class – there were 7 courses. A lot of food to eat *grin*. We all learnt how to use the mortar and pestle to make the curry paste what I found amusing was that in the provided cook book it instructs you to use a food processor *grin*.

A great deal of fun was had – and I would possibly do it again. We finished up at about 4pm and were taken back to out accommodations not hungry at all and fairly foot weary from standing up all day. But oh the food was good!

I haven’t used the recipe book to cook at home yet – but it will happen sooner or later.



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