I’m still here – really I am!

Ok so I know it’s been a long time and I haven’t kept up with the resolution of posting one a week *naughty* – but I’m back now *grin*.

I’ve just found the decidedly handy blog post format in word – so I really have no excuses now do I?

It’s been a very busy couple of months. Wendy and Nathan were in Thailand recently (end of June) and I caught up with them in Chiang Mai. It was so lovely to see them and just hang out. I’ll post later with more about the visit – this post is a quick catch up for all of you that have been prodding – you know who you are!

Ros and Nat visited at the end of July. It was great having family come and stay to experience the rural Thailand I live in *grin*. We did a few touristy things and lots of relaxing. Post more about that later – including the wondrousness of being caught in evening traffic in Bangkok – all the joys.

Finally work – it is here and constant. It’s a busy job – no time to coast. When one thing is done there are lots more to follow up. We finally put the midyear resource/reserve update away – yay! There are however, lots of reports to do. Gah! How can there be no complete resource report written at all here in the last I don’t know how many years……….

So now that I have proven I am still here and love you all (even if it is via a blog post) I shall go back to compiling the July monthly report. Because I love reports. Really I do………

*daily mossie kill count: so far today: 3 – all in the office*


2 Responses to “I’m still here – really I am!”

  1. 1 CAH September 14, 2010 at 19:43

    Hey Couz, awaiting the next blog installment !!!! its mid September now & surely there are no more reports to write / report on/ whatever you do with reports???
    Hope all is well with you in Sunny Thailand & hope to catch up with you during you next visit home!!!
    We are all still the same- sorry very boring…hence still the same LOL …Heading up to visit Mum for first time since Chrissie (BAD…I Know) on Saturday & having a few days at Bright without kids for 7th Anniversary- yes its been that long ( and they said we’d never make it… he he he) & then sadly get the kids back from Grandma for a few days in Bright- lets hope its bright in Bright- SORRY- COULDNT RESIST!!! Has been grey & raiining forever, well that is how it seems anyway- cant wait for the wether to improve & be able to gt outside more & exercise (can’t believe Im saying that- but its now 4 months post Lap band & have lost 22 kg, but its slowing down now & time to “get physical”- sorry for extremely “punny ” & sadly not funny post – very tired as was up at 0600 ( middle of night for me) to go to office ( Richmond is a BLOODY long way from Doreen…. yes everything is a bloody long way from Doreen) for training , only to find out they had cancelled training & forgot to ring me -oops- then took 1. 5hours to finally get to do some work & the office (a call centre) is so bloody noisy when I’m used to working from home- Ok enough whining – that was not my reason for posting- just wanted to say HI & say “keep up the Blogging”!!
    Cuddles & kisses form CAH & her Dellows xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • 2 fionadavidson September 14, 2010 at 21:19

      Hey Helen,

      Glad to hear you are doing well – wow 22kgs – you go girl woohooooo! Hope you have a good break for your anniversary – yes 7 years is a very long time between breaks. Or should that be 7 years and 2 kids *grin*.

      It’s all going well here – but yes the reports are never ending. There is always one more to write or correct.

      Say hi to your ma for me. I’m looking forward to seeing you all whenI come home for Christmas – we’l have to make a date and get together for lots of chats. of course I may actually have to take photos of things over here too *grin*.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – it was lovely to hear from you! Love and hugs to you and all the Dellows *grin*


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