Back in Thailand

Well I made it back safely to work.  I flew into Thailand last night and instead of staying at the usual hotel (was in the exclusion zone – near Silom Rd) I stayed at the Novotel hotel at the airport.  It is very plush – as is the cost.  Note to self – must put travel expenditure form in…..

I arrived at the hotel at about midnight and was waiting until after 1am for a room.  I was not the only one waiting – the rooms were not ready.  I did get one at about 1.20am so I went up just wanting to shower and sleep and promptly came back downstairs.  My non-smoking room on the non-smoking floor smelt very strongly of cigarette smoke.  The room was even worse than the corridor.  I went and requested another room.  While I was waiting I was given a complimentary meal (which was good as I was kinda peckish).  So anyway, at about 2 and after I’d had some spag bol (with penne pasta) I went up to a lovely smoke free room. 

I was picked up by my driver (that sounds so posh doesn’t it) at 8 this morning and we only had to stop at one police checkpoint on the way north.  We really weren’t close to Bangkok – I think the closest must have been about 20 to 30 kms away.  There was a very black plume of smoke hanging over the city though.

There has been no protest activity where I am living and I don’t think there will be *fingers crossed*.  So all is well and I am glad to be “home”.

I’ve just come back from a week of GS3 training (MIK block modelling program) in Sydney.  I learnt a lot, but I think my brain is full! 

I managed to get to Melbourne for a few days to see the family.  Ros and Nat’s kids posed for some photos…..

There are other photos – particularly of Josh and Nikki showing off their toothless gums, oh yes and Bella imitating them *grin* – she is a parrot! – but they are too big – I need to resize them and that is a job for another day.  I don’t have any photos of Callum – I have threatened him with using the baby photos though – what do you think Callum???


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