A few things have been happening this week.

I met the Exploration GM.  he seems like a nice guy so that should make working with him easy enough.  I know what his expectations are of me now so i feel a lot more comfortable in my position here.  I had my first meeting with my team on Monday.  I think it went quite well.  I had heard whispers of discontent about information from the management level not being filtered down through the ranks, so this meeting was the first step to fixing the issue.

The other issue that seems to be at the forefront is a lack mentoring for the staff.  I need to challenge myself to wander around the office (yes and look busy doing it *grin*) and talk to the geos.  Be interested and provide feedback on projects that are being worked on. So I know what I have to do *grin* – I just have to do it!

Oh I went shopping at the BIG Tesco in Phitsanulok (about 100kms north) on Sunday.  The office manager – Gai and her 2 daughters were kind enough to take me and show me where everything was.  I have to say shopping with someone who understands Thai makes things so much easier *grin*.  Having said that, most things in tesco have English labels with the Thai ones on the price card.

It was an interesting day – we had lunch at  a place called HotPot.  You fill up you plate or plates with raw ingredients (vegetables, meat, eggs, noodles etc) and put it all in a pot of hot water in the centre of the table.  I think if you like soup you’d like this *grin*.  Not being an aficionado of all things soup I would probably pass on it again – but Gai and her girls (and no I can’t remember they’re names well enough to spell them) really enjoyed they’re meal.

The Tesco was enormous.  A cross between Big W and Coles!  I ended up spending about $100 Aus.  Probably got a bit more than I would at home, but I did buy a lot of imported food – so not the cheapest.  Hey they even had Worcestershire Sauce!  Oh and Mainland cheese – a small packet – which is more than half gone now *grin*.  Oh yes and I purchased a colander – no more soggy pasta!  So I spent a lot and have enough food to last me until I come home in a couple of weeks.

I made risotto last night.  In the wok without ll of the ingredients I would have like to use – like arborio rice *grin*.  Anyway it wasn’t too bad – a bit more seasoning on the chicken I added and it would have been a bit better, but it was edible!  And I still have 2 left over meals – in the containers with lids that I got from Tesco. 

Good grief I sound like an ad for them.  Stopping now!


1 Response to “Update”

  1. 1 Ros Davidson March 24, 2010 at 19:43

    So what mod con’s are making the flight back???

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