A Welcome Party

There was a welcome to Issara Mining party for me last night held at the Khao Sai golf club.  It’s an outdoor function area – right next to the driving range *grin*.  It was a good spot last night – there was a slight breeze helping to keep the sweat factor manageable. 

Actually the weather hasn’t been too bad at all – but that could be due to the fact that I am in an air-conditioned office all day – possibly 🙂

Anyway some of the boys were playing a version of pool on an enormous pool table – it certainly looked far too big.  But they were having fun!  Some of the girls however had the karaoke machine off and running.  Now I had been told that everyone in the office loved karaoke.  That’s ok – I really enjoyed the singstar at Christmas time.  Then I was informed that it was an initiation rite o passage – I had to sing at least one song.  Big difference between singing Singstar at home and singing karaoke with people you’ve known for less than a week. 

So I went into the evening knowing that I might be asked to sing.  Dinner was great – the golf club do a fantastic chicken and cashew dish – just watch out for the sliced red chillies *grin*.  I really enjoyed dinner and was just relaxing listening to some excellent singing – even if I couldn’t understand a word that was being sung – when Thom (the golf club president AND one of the geology supervisors) decided it was time for speeches.

I hadn’t really thought about the fact that there would be a formal welcome and that I would have to actually sound half way intelligent when I was called on to speak.  Yes – very shortsighted I know!  Anyway I was introduced and welcomed by the boss and the guy I will be taking over from at the end of the year – very nice too.  Then I managed to thank everyone for being so friendly and understanding that I was new and hoped we’d all have a good year.  Yep – lame, but hey, it’s done now.  Anyway then I get the “as part of your initiation into the family you will sing some karaoke”.

Nice – no pressure.  Anyway I was given a 2 song allowance and I went to see what was available.  Now I really didn’t want to sing and I had no ideas about what I would even half way want to sing!  One of the guys was scrolling through them for me.  A lot f them were in Thai *grin*.  Anyway it was time and I had no ideas and a beatles song came up.  I thought – well at least I know some of them.  Big mistake!

Note to self: Do not attempt to sing Yesterday by The Beatles.  Two reasons 1. it’s slow and 2. it’s very low – probably best for a man – not me!!!!

Anyway the deed was done and as I had sung the boss was kind of pressured too *grin*.  I do think though that I managed to redeem myself a little later on when I sang  Mamma Mia by Abba.  Oh and just to fully paint the picture – the karaoke machine was synthesised music – not the real songs with the vocals stripped and there were definitely some funny translations happening *grin*.

It was a great night which allowed me to meet the team outside of work and allowed them to approach me and talk.  I’m not remembering very many names – but  I will get there – one day!  These girls and guys all speak, read and write such good english – I really am going to try to at least understand basic Thai.

Oh and I got a very lovely bunch of flowers.  I do have a photo – but can’t really be bothered transferring it from the phone right now.  I’ll post it tomorrow.


2 Responses to “A Welcome Party”

  1. 1 Kris March 19, 2010 at 08:38

    Funny!!! I wish I had been there to witness your initiation! Though I’m interested to know – did you have anyone up there with you to do the anna/freida mama mia head turning choreography?

  2. 2 fionadavidson March 19, 2010 at 10:58

    ah no – no head turning – luckily I didn’t have to stand in front of everyone. i was allowed to sit at the table and sing. very laid back *grin*. Although the head turning thing would have been very funny 🙂

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