Medicals, supermarkets, cars and more…

As the title says medicals, supermarkets cars and more.

I started the day by showering (well not really) with 5 roughly 1L bottles of water – I even managed to wash my hair *grin*.  The water is all fixed now and I now know how to bleed the air out of the pump to make it work again.  Goes to show you do learn something everyday.

So first up this morning was my medical.  Wish I had done it in Australia.  Not the best experience I’ve ever had – but hey a blood test an x-ray and a basic physical and its all done!

Then there was the supermarket – a mere 40 minute drive from work – and yes someone had to drive me there and back.  Originally we were just going to go to the 7/11 (they’re everywhere here), but we went to Tesco.  Apparently this is a small one (it’s bigger than Dewsons/IGA in Inglewood) but I managed to spend some money.  Go the groceries.  I spent about 1300 baht (roughly $46 AU) and have enough to feed me for the next 2 to 3 weeks – well except for fresh fruit and veg. 

I shopped as though I was in a supermarket at home – turned up to the checkout and realised that I should have barcoded and costed the loose vegetables before coming to the checkout.  Ooops!  I’ll know for next time *grin*.

What with the medical and the supermarket run there wasn’t much time for work today *grin*.  having said that I DID go down to the coreyard – I even looked at rocks and *gasp* picked up some core to look at it.  Don’t all faint -please……  Of course I still have reams of reading to do so I was kept busy doing that.  The great news is that I finally have a computer – it turned up at about 5.30 this afternoon *grin*.  At this stage it needs an extension cord, but actually having the hardware is a good start.

Oh yes – and cars!  I have a car.  It’s a ute – well a dual cab *grin*. 

"The Ute"

It runs and has air-conditioning – AND I drove home today – good thing it’s only about 10kms – hope to get my Thai drivers license soon.  Here’s a tip to anyone who wants to drive in Thailand – watch out for the scooters/motorbikes – they’re everywhere!

I have Skype working on my phone – email me if you’d like my Skype name so we can call, txt etc.

And finally (ok it’s epic, but a very good journalling tool for me *grin* – thanks Ros) I get home and find my laundry has been washed and ironed – AND the house has been cleaned and tidied (not that there was much to clean up – I had done my dishes!).  A very nice surprise *grin*.  Of course I’ve made sure to put all my dirty washing in the basket this time *smirk*.


1 Response to “Medicals, supermarkets, cars and more…”

  1. 1 Ros Davidson March 13, 2010 at 06:08

    Drop us an e-mail with your Skype details so I can pass it onto the fam… Made you mum sit down and read the last post as she was over yesterday for her Tupperware party *grin*. The thought of that still makes me giggle but I know you “get it”.

    Loving the updates you are doing, you just need to get the camera happening more now and take pics to show us all some more of Thailand before we visit.

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